What is Okinawa Performing Arts Days?

This is an entertainment stage performance that conveys to tourists from mainland Japan and other foreign countries the joy of Okinawa’s traditional performing arts as one of the charms of cultural tourism. As the Okinawa Prefecture Culture and Tourism Strategy Promotion Project, Okinawa Prefecture selects and presents stage works feel the “now!” of Okinawan performing arts every year. Thanks to the support of many Okinawan entertainment fans, we have completed ten years of this project as of this year. This year, we plan to perform three works and twelve stages in total, starting around the end of January and continuing into February. Okinawa entertainment beginners, those who want to go see with the whole family, are interested in Okinawa entertainment You can also enjoy it. Please come and visit us with your family, friends and loved ones.

Reviews from visitors

Male, 30s

It’s amazing to make people laugh with non-stereotypical Okinawan materials.

Female, 40s

I liked the way they devised the classics without processing them.

Female, 40s

We enjoyed the performances with a three – generation family even with pre-school kids.