How to access

The theater is in the vicinity of kokusai Street  ~Enjoy a stage performance and a stroll together~

There is a two-places, Palette Civic Theater and Tenbusu Naha.
Both of the stage venues are located near by International Street. You can enjoy shopping, sightseeing and having a meal together as well.

※Use of public transportations such as the monorail is recommended to get to the venue.
※Kokusai Street will be a pedestrian street from 12pm to 6pm on Sundays.

  • 60 minutes of total performance time.

    You can enjoy a performance after lunch or before dinner.

    Weekends: Saturday and Sunday/ Twice a day/ 60 minutes.



  • Sightseeing and shopping

    Because the Makisi Public Market, Tsuboya Pottery Museum, Yachimun Street and Sakura-zaka Theater are located near by, you can enjoy walking around kokusai Street.

    Also, as restaurants and book stores are near, you can make multiple plans to enjoy.

    By making use of the monorail, you can easily go to Shuri Castle and Okinawa Prefectural Museum/Art Museum.

  • From Naha airport

    It is also close from Naha airport and from there you can head for the venue directly by monorail, bus, or car.

    Access to the venue is convenient. Many of the monorail stations (Prefectural Office station, Makishi station, Miebashi station) and bus stops are in the vicinity.

    For a fee you can use a parking area if you are planning to come by automobile.

Palette Civic Theater

Tenbusu hall

― Performance title ―

▶ A la carte ~ Ryukyu performing arts à la carte~

▶ Okinawa Sansan