Okinawa Sansan

A long run Okinawan musical

8 years since its premiere! 182 performances!

This is energizing theater. It is in the limelight with the reputation of making people say “I want to see it again and again,” “It makes me feel 5 years younger,” and “It encourages me for tomorrow.” This is a lively musical created with energetic dancing, live performance of violin, sanshin, percussion and ancient songs dug up from these islands. It was awarded five-stars at the Edinburgh Fringe Theater Festival in Scotland! Don’t miss it!

Recommended for people like this

  • I love musicals.
  • I want to enjoy with the whole family.
  • I want to get well with dynamic dances and music.
  • I am interested in music and would like to listen to arranged versions of old folk songs, things like that.

Program contents

Female, 40s
My 3-year-daughter really enjoyed it. The non-stop dance and performance were amazing.
Female, 40s
It was amazing! I enjoyed it very much and so did my Australian husband and children. I was impressed by the performers, music and dance!!
Male, 70s
I was moved. It was like a new Okinawan creative dance drama (opera).


We will deliver the performances from around early February 2022

Two performances a day, afternoon / evening.

  • Saturday noon
  • Saturday 2/5/2022
  • 13:00~14:00
  • Saturday night 夜の部
  • Saturday 2/5/2022
  • 17:00~18:00
  • Sunday noon
  • Sunday 2/6/ 2022
  • 13:00~14:00
  • Sunday night
  • Sunday 2/6/ 2022
  • 17:00~18:00

How about access

Tenbushu hall

On tickets

All 3 performance ticket prices are as shown below -including sales tax.

Adult  2,500yen

U-18 2,000yen

The way to purchase tickets differs depending on the date of the tickets issue, the date and title of the performance.

Online ticket

ACOFriend member

If you register with LINE @ of ACO Okinawa, you can get great ticket information.

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